Mission Statement

To connect all professions of the concrete polishing industry--architects, contractors, engineers, designers, distributors, and manufacturers for the purpose of establishing a clear, concise and technical foundation for the concrete polishing industry as a basis for which specifications, standards and practices are defined and shared by leaders within the industry. To increase awareness and desire for concrete floor surfaces when processed to a polished finish. To lead the industry through non biased education with emphasis on integrity, accountability and superb craftsmanship.

Vision Statement

As representatives of the entire industry, we shall strive to uphold the Mission Statement of the Association.

We shall strive to follow the established definitions, specifications, and standards practices as set forth by the Association.

We shall support members in the pursuit of quality and craftsmanship through mentoring and education.

We shall adhere to an educational foundation for the polishing industry which categorizes polishing contractors, creating a resource for the selection of contractors. Such education would establish a certifiable certification program which offers contractors the ability to exhibit knowledge, proficiency, and qualification as an industry professional.

We shall model ethical business practices, performing with integrity and accountability, within the industry ensuring long term success.

We shall promote polished concrete as a flooring system with exceptional value and substantial long term advantages. We will create and support a marketing campaign that joins manufacturers and contractors together, establishing a solid foundation for the promotion of concrete floor surfaces when processed to a polished finish.

Code of Ethics

As a member of the Concrete Polishing Association (CPAA), I subscribe, without reservation, to these Standards of Professional Conduct.

I endorse the CPAA Standards of Professional Conduct and understand that, pursuant to the CPAA bylaws, violation of any of these Standards can result in the expulsion from the Concrete Polishing Association.

Founding Members:

Jim Cuviello
Brad Burns
Derek Mackenzie
Craig Walton
Austin Willis
Harry Gressette
Bill Rains
Roy Bowman
Mook Cunningham
Walter Scarborough
Josh Vander Veen
Ben Vander Veen
Henrik Rosencrantz
Les Davis
Greg Schwietz
Josh Jones
Joe Reardon