Board of Directors

The Concrete Polishing Association of America was organized in November, 2009 at the request of polishing contractors and manufacturers. Its purpose is to be a non biased organization to lead the concrete polishing industry. The major concern from contractors that surfaced was manufacturer involvement and influence. However, the Executive Committee realized that manufacturers must be involved to help lead the industry. Therefore, a Board of Directors that balances the two parties was created. The Board consists of 10 polishing contractor representatives, 9 manufacturer/distributor representatives, and an associate representative. The Executive Committee seats are reserved for polishing contractors to ensure that the organization remains as fair and unbiased as possible. The Board of Directors is guided and elected by the members of the organization. Each position has a term limit to also ensure that the organization has a continuous source of fresh ideas and energy.

Executive Committee:

Chad Gill
Concreate, Inc. / Virginia
Jennifer Faller
Vice President
Concrete In-Site LLC / Pennsylvania
Shawn Halverson
Surfacing Solutions / California
Mike Payne
Mike Payne & Associates / California
Roy Bowman
Past President
Concrete Visions, Inc. / Oklahoma


Roy Bowman
Concrete Visions, Inc.
Lance Drabczyk
Superior Polished Concrete
Jennifer Faller
Concrete In-Site LLC
Chad Gill
Concreate, Inc.
Harry Gressette
Ardor Solutions, Inc.
Shawn Halverson
Surfacing Solutions
John Jones
Budget Maintenance
Tim Lupia
G&H Specialty Concrete, Inc.
New Mexico
Mike Payne
Mike Payne & Assoc.
Jeremy Wilkerson

Manufacturers and Distributors:

Aztec Products
Diamond Tool Supply

HTC Floor Systems



Walter Scarborough
Hall Building Information Group


Educational Committee

Purpose: to create programs designed to promote continued education within the polished concrete industry. To educate contractors, architects, business owners and the general public on what is and isn't polished concrete. To create integrity in procedure and product applications. The educational program shall constantly be evaluated for effectiveness and content.

Ethics Committee

Purpose: to assist members and architects with difficult or problematic projects. Purpose is to preserve the integrity of polished concrete and retain market share. To eliminate the confusion and frustration that would otherwise lead to a typical floor "covering" to hide the challenge is redirected toward an acceptable "polished" concrete surface.

Leadership Committee

Purpose: to hear, review, and make decisions regarding matters that affect the direction of the Association. To make sure the Mission and Vision of the Association are held true and carried out for the future.

Maintenance Committee

Purpose: To ensure that polished concrete and its long term benefits are realized through the use of proper maintenance, guidelines, procedures and techniques. To develop a marketing plan and implement that plan throughout the building maintenance industry.

Marketing/Trade Show Committee

Purpose: to generate, consider and review all marketing opportunities for the Association taking into account costs, market shares, and effectiveness of such opportunities. To develop mechanisms for spreading the main goal of the Association--which is to educate and promote the advancement of quality polished concrete. To identify trade shows within the industry for participation which furthers the Mission of the CPAA, education, and membership. This would include dates, times, costs, value, etc.

Membership Committee

Purpose: to oversee and regulate costs and value of membership.

Specifications/Standards Committee

Purpose: To create a thorough evaluation, definition, and general guideline of what is and isn't polished concrete for the industry. To create papers, procedures and processes to further define necessary definitions.

Technical Advisory Committee

Purpose: The Technical Advisory Committee is the governing body for all committees. Its role is to develop guidelines and organizational procedures the Association.